Dear Anyone is an independent creative studio run by Namaah K.

Namaah is a design and communications professional with over eight years of experience across end-to-end campaign design, graphic design, illustration, and creative production with a focus on social media and digital brand building.

In the past, Namaah has worked with brands such as Coke, ICICI Bank, VIVO IPL, Volkswagen, General Motors, OnePlus, Vans, Vodafone, Star Sports, HBO, Firstpost, Monthly Review Press, Rupa Publications, Unilever, and Hotstar. Her work is driven by the dynamic nature of the digital ecosystem and how it can be leveraged to affect consumption, craft solutions, and shape culture -- specifically with respect to gender, policy, and education.

She is currently engaged as a professor of Digital Art Direction at the École intuit.lab in Mumbai, where she lives with her husband and two cats.