Dear Anyone,


IPL 2018 on Hotstar: An emoji-nal experience
Event Poster: Sofar Bombay, featuring Damien Rice
Event Poster: PCRC X LIFAFA
Book Cover - Days Will Come Back
Branding and Menu Design - Gymkhana91
My Taj Table: A Table For Two
My Taj Table: Families That Eat Together
My Taj Table: With A Little Help From My Friends
My Taj Table: Seal The Deal
Untitled Digital Collage Series
36 Days of Type (2019)
Editorial Illustrations for Arré
Editorial Illustrations - Firstpost
Editorial Illustrations - III
Editorial Illustrations - II
Album Cover - Prateek Kuhad: Raat Raazi
Album Art - Shantanu Pandit: Skunk in the Cellar
Skunk in the Cellar - Poster
Live Slow
Pantone for PatRIOTS
Explainer - Muft WiFi
Hotstar Mumbai Office - Room Branding
36 Day of Type
Book Cover - The Moving Shadow
PSA - Breast Cancer Awareness
The Annals of Immodesty
Climate Change
This is what it feels like.
Food Porn
Women's Day 2016: Get Your TampOn
This Is Us - Social Media Posts for Hotstar Premium
Book Cover - Masala Shakespeare (WIP)
Eshwari & Siddhant - Save the Date!
Eshwari Weds Siddhant
IdeoLOGUE: March 2016
Unilever: Digital Dos & Don'ts
MTV 20 - Website Takover
Cause of Death
Land of the Free, Home of the Brave
Rest in Peace, Mr. Stardust.
Under My Umbrella
Dancing in the Dark
Game of Thrones on Hotstar - Torrents Morghulis
Happy New Year!
You Are Not Alone
Logo: The Chai Tribe
Editorial Illustration: How the Middle Class Make Love
Stranger Swims
A Reactionary Movement To End All Reactionary Movements
Horrible Horrible Haiku
JNU Justice League
BILLIONS on Hotstar Premium
Cyber Security (Work in Progress)
Answers on a Postcard.
EURO 2016 - Game On!
Bomb Thursdays
VANS Fresh Off the Wall: gig poster
Prateek Kuhad: Live at Akshara Theatre
Volkswagen at the DLF IPL
Carnival Of E-Creativity 2012
Lightboxes and lines of best fit.
Hotstar - miscellaneous
Howden Polo Cup: Invitation Design
Almost Blue
2016 US Elections
The Garden Inside Me
Make Love, Not Notes.
Bhenchod/Madarchod [zine]
Mixed Feelings
Office Space
Life Choices
Sticky-notes for Sadlings
Logo: Bombay Barhoppers
A Valentine for V
Ctrl+ALT+Del 4.0
Champions League Final: magazine centre-spread.
Dear Anyone,
The Places You'll Go
Waiting Room
People Is Sometimes Kind
The Boy and the Starfish
Freehand sketches (Work in progress)
Concrete Jungle
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